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Wyrd Previews Skulker Skin for Malifaux

Blending in with one's surroundings can make you more likely to get your target when hunting. And putting on the skin of some other animal is certainly one way to do it. That's what the Skulker Skins do. We get a look at them coming to Malifaux soon in this preview.

From the article:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo came into the office wearing waders, a wide-brimmed hat, a cargo jacket, sunglasses, and a fishing vest. When we asked where he was planning on fishing today, he said “he wouldn’t be cod dead doing that.” Apparently, he just likes the look.

So, while we ignore that a-trout-cious joke, let’s reveal another upcoming minion. This time, we’re headed just past the southern edges of the Bayou to where the swamp meets the ocean.

In order to properly hunt a beast, you must first understand it. You must become it. While we don’t know who told these Gremlin cousins that advice, it’s easy to tell that the Skulker Skins took it to heart.

The mortality rate, thanks to drowning in the ocean while imitating a Striped Skulker, is through the roof. We can thank authenticity, idiocy, and alcohol for that, though the order of import is up for debate.