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Wyrd Previews Sonnia Criid Unmasked for Malifaux

Wyrd is rolling out a new breed of character for Malifaux. They're alternate titles for heroes that already exist. These new versions will have different playstyles and new moves. So, they're the heroes you love, but with an alternate version to change things up on the battlefield. We get a look at the first, Sonnia Criid Unmasked, in this preview.

From the article:

This week, Waldo found a stack of nametags in the warehouse. Now he’s commanding everyone to call him Sir Waldo Remington III, Prince of Impshire, Master of the Nine Hells, and Lover of Dogs.

So, while we take a deep breath in preparation for saying Waldo’s new name (and hope that he doesn’t add more to it in the future), let’s talk about what’s next for Malifaux, as well as take a little peek into the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side.

Last October, we released Malifaux’s 8th Faction, the Explorer’s Society, and their Faction book. This year, we’ll be adding something a little different, but will have a major impact on how Malifaux is played, and how crews are built.

Surprises, secrets, and crew building are all major themes in Malifaux. In the previous edition, we added special upgrades for each Master to provide them with specialized tools that slightly adjusted their gameplay. In Third Edition, we’re taking that concept a few steps further. In the upcoming Malifaux book, we are going to be releasing titles for every single Master in the game. Each new title will include new actions, abilities, and playstyles for that character.

So, what are titles, anyway?

You’ve already seen some titles in Malifaux, such as Chiaki’s “The Beacon” or Izamu’s “The Armor”. While these titles are mainly used for flavor, the upcoming titles for each Master completely shake up how that Master (and crew) will play on the battlefield.

When declaring Masters, you’ll continue to state that Master’s name to your opponent, but you won’t say which version of that Master you’ll be playing. Your opponent will have to consider other factors and make their best educated guess on which Master you might be bringing out for the fight, which will make their crew building that much more interesting.

Let’s take a look at one such Master title that will be released in the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side (which includes models and stat cards for BOTH games!).