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Wyrd Seeking Through the Breach Playtesters

Wyrd wants to make sure that their Through the Breach game is as good as it can be. As such, they're looking for some playtesters to help look over new material, try it out, and give their feedback. Head through and find the sign-up form.

From the post:

Fated! Fatemasters!

Do you enjoy playing Through the Breach?

Looking for more ways to foil your players’ plans?

Eager to get first looks at new projects and help shape future TTB releases?

 Like earning rewards for your help?

Well then, do we have an opportunity for you! We’re currently looking for players to help us test upcoming content for Through the Breach. Read the content, play the content, and give us comments on the super secret forums!

Playtesters who give good, detailed feedback will receive a digital copy of whatever piece of content they helped test (once it’s released, of course!).