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Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast RPG Coming to Kickstarter

A quaint place, tucked away in the forest, where you can stop by and get a warm night's sleep and a good breakfast. That's what Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast is and it's also a slice-of-life RPG from Possum Creek Games that's coming to Kickstarter soon.

From the announcement:

Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast is a slice-of-life tabletop role-playing game set at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast deep in the woods, where mischief and magic govern. In Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast, you can go fishing for extinct isopods, help a giant frog make breakfast, explore the mysterious darkness of the deepest basements, and name all the constellations in the sky. Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast uses legacy mechanics, stickers, and hidden secrets to create a role-playing experience unlike any seen before. Befriend the core cast of residents—engaging characters like the trans teenage runaway Gertrude, the devil child Hey Kid, the frog-cursed chef Parish, the heartless witch Yazeba, or many more—and explore scenarios full of adventure, excitement, mystery and heart.