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Z-Man Games Announces Ultimate Railroads

I like trains... <BROOOOWM!!!> *run over by a train* If you get that reference, how's prepping for your 40th birthday coming? Anyway, Z-Man Games is bringing you a present for said special birthday, it's Ultimate Railroads. It brings you a new version of Russian Railroads, but also American Railroads, German Railroads, and the all-new Asian Railroads all in one box.

From the article:

Perfect for die hard fans or newcomers alike, Ultimate Railroads brings you the base game of Russian Railroads bundled together with all of its expansions and more. Now back on shelves after years out of print, this classic comes complete with not only the game and expansions you love, but a few additions that make this a must own.

The beloved worker-placement game Russian Railroads puts players in the shoes of russian railroad moguls tasked with completing the Trans-Siberian Railway, as well as two additional railways. Work to create your railway system to get you from place to place, all while developing and advancing your machinery and industry. Build factories to create more advanced technology, and invent newer locomotives to get where you need to go even quicker.

In Ultimate Railroads, this gaming experience is complemented by the inclusion of the American Railroads and German Railroads expansions, including all existing promo content. With these, you can experience everything you love from the base game, as well as the additions from both expansions.