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Z-Man Games Posts Cryo Board Game Preview

You've made it to a rather icy planet and are in charge of getting resources and building up infrastructure. Good thing you've played a lot of Cryo on the way over. What? You haven't? Well, that's probably because it's not out yet. But you can get a preview of it in this post from Z-Man Games.

From the article:

The frozen, foreign landscape of the planet stretches out before you. An act of sabotage has stranded you and other hostile factions upon the cold world. Your colony ship has been damaged beyond repair and escaping the planet is not an option. To top it off, your crew, still asleep in their cryostasis pods, are scattered.

Can you survive against the other hostile survivors long enough to scavenge the planet, rescue your crew, and find shelter before the sun sinks below the horizon, freezing all left upon the planet’s surface?

Try Cryo on Tabletopia, and order it online or through your local game store today.