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A Battleship sized update to The Black Ocean for Firestorm Armada

The Black Ocean went and updated... basically everything about their website.

With the release of Spartan Games new Hardback Edition Rulebook and the Marauders of the Rift Campaign book for Firestorm Armada many of the rules have changed. So we have a plethora of support documents that have also changed or have been added.

I’d like to start with the beautiful Redesigned Unit Stat Cards (note that there are several other versions on our website). This endeavor was started by You Look Like A Nail but has been taken up by the_larz and Caine-Hoa from the Spartan Community. I would publicly like to thank them both on behalf of the community for all their hard work. These are must have to enhance your tabletop.

We have added (or reinstated) three new files. The Fleet Guide for New Players gives insight on how each of the core fleets play in Firestorm. We have Wenyuan from the Spartan Community to thank for his trials and tribulations on this. This is the first document a new player should read.

Confused about what all these Firestorm related terms you see advanced players throw around? No need to be any more. We have compiled the Firestorm Armada Glossary. This contains the terms and abbreviations that are commonly used within this game.

A returning file is our Player Made Ship Stat Cards. This contains collected ships from various Firestorm players all updated to the new V2 format and rules. There are many pages for great new ships and even some ships that were made before the current time of conflict.

Another additional document is our Fleet Construction – Marauders. This combines the fleet building rules for the seven awesome new factions in the Marauders of the Rift Campaign book. It is a good place to start to plan your model purchases.

Our other two fleet construction documents, Fleet Construction – Alliance of Kurak and Fleet Construction – Zenian League, have been updated to the current rules. Within these two you will find all the information you need to assemble a devastating fleet and terrorize the Storm Zone.

Lastly we have updated our much praised Combined Ship Stat Cards. Here you will find every ship that currently has rules in the Firestorm Armada Universe. We have just added all of the 26 ships from the Marauders of the Rift and their supporting rules in one convenient place.