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Adventurers Set Add-On Added to Masmorra Kickstarter

If you're going to clean out the Masmorra dungeon and return to being a guild training ground, you're going to need help. Well, now you can pick from several more heroes to go down there and deal with those monsters. A new Adventurers Set add-on has been... well... added on to the Masmorra Kickstarter campaign.


This set comes with five new heroes with which you can go a dungeon-crawling. But new heroes also means new challenges. The set also comes with two new Bosses, each with their own special dungeon tile (one for Level 1 and one for Level 2 of the dungeon).
And while Masmorra, itself, isn't an expansion of Arcadia Quest, this set does include stat cards so you can use the heroes from it in games of Arcadia Quest.

13 days left in the campaign and they've already made it through a bunch of stretch goals.