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AEG Running Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter

AEG is running another Kickstarter for their popular Thunderstone Quest deck-building game. It's called Back to the Dungeon, and it includes their previous material, along with all-new items. It's a bit more of everything, and includes rules for solo and co-op play.

From the campaign:

Thunderstone designed by Mike Elliott is a deckbuilding game of heroic adventure. We successfully Kickstarted Thunderstone Quest in the spring of 2017 and delivered it in the spring of 2018. This Kickstarter features Barricades Mode designed by Bryan Reese - rules and components for Solo & CoOp play, plus Quest 6: What Lies Beneath.

You have three options to back this Kickstarter - Champion which consists of the Champion Reward from the 1st Kickstarter (but no new content), To The Barricades! which consists of just the new content in this campaign, and Champion + Barricades! which combines both into one Reward.

The Kickstarter is already more than 8x funded with still 29 days left to go.