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Agamemnon Strategy Board Game Up On Giochistarter

During an Ancient Greek history class, I had to read the Iliad, which tells the epic tale of the Trojan War. Helen had been taken by Paris to Troy. There he kept her while the Greeks landed on the shore, ready to reclaim her, besieging the city. People got stabbed. Armor got taken. Gods intervened whenever they wanted. Zeus forgot to yell "spoilers" before he said, "By the way, the Greeks are gonna win" at the beginning of it all (they did up winning, of course, because it's Zeus). Soon you'll be able to bring the conflict to your tabletops with Agamemnon, which is up on Giochistarter now.

Of course, this time around it's not a guarantee that the Greeks are going to win. Games are different from books after all (even if there are game books). Players take on the role of the various gods involved in the conflict, moving forces around as they please. By deploying various heroes and units on the board, you will be able to swing the conflict to your side. Will your best warriors prevail, or will the sheer mass of your troops hold the field, or the leadership of the various heroes pave the road to victory?

The campaign is already 64% funded with still 33 days left to go.