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Alien Dungeon and Architects of War distribution news for UK and Europe

Alien Dungeon and Architects of War are now being exclusively distributed throughout the UK and Europe by North Star Military Miniatures.

We are very pleased to announce that Alien Dungeon & Architects of War has a new exclusive distribution partner for the UK and Europe. We have liked Nick Eyre for quite a while and are excited for his company, North Star Military Miniatures, to take over the reigns as our exclusive distributor for sales outside North America.

North Star has some of our product in stock and we are rushing to get new releases to him. These include our popular new American Frontier range and our Dark Age range, which has been particularly well received by SAGA enthusiasts.

We have been receiving an increasing number of trade and customer inquiries about our range from customers throughout Europe in particular over the last several months and are very confident that Nick’s crew will provide you with excellent customer service.

You can always visit our own web site and for North American Trade inquiries please contact us at:

North Star Trade Inquiries – Contact Mark Wheatley 0115 978 6656

Alien Dungeon & Architects of War Trade Inquiries – Contact Drew Cremeans at 425-894-0928 or email: or