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Altered Reality Games Launches Gods and Monsters Kickstarter

Do you like miniatures skirmish games? (I do) Do you like giant miniatures? (I do) Do you like the artwork of Heath "BA" Foley? (I do so much I got one of his sketches as a tattoo!) Well, then Gods and Monsters by Altered Reality Games might just be for you! They've just launched their Kickstarter campaign. (I'll be checking it out, for sure)

Divine Pledge Level

Gods and Monsters is a card-driven minis game. You pick your Mythos (aka - god) and build up their Deck of Miracles. So there's a deck-building element to your minis game. From there, add in the various units that you want to augment your force and go to town.

The campaign just launched and is looking to raise $80k. They've got the next 29 days to get there.
Stay tuned for more information from artist Heath "BA" Foley here on TGN as the campaign continues.