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Army Builder for Firestorm Armada v.96 is up

Army Builder has their next version of their Firestorm Armada program now available.

From the copy:

In this version:

Big thanks to Alexmann for all of the below:

Fixed Escort numbers and ability to take Escorts as independent squadrons
Fixed validation of wings on all ships by taking as flights
Changed Cruisers as squadrons to which normal and heavy cruisers are added, to allow 1-1 cruiser formations
Consolidated all race weapons, fighters & options into three single files

The Black Ocean:

Local Support Wings added and Validated!

To get the update start Army Builder, click get updates, select Firestorm Armada (V0.96) then click download.

With these fixes I believe that we are ready for the final version!

We need your help to test this out.

Please if you find any errors either go to our forum at and click Army Builder for Firestorm Armada then Beta Test to see notes and leave feedback or you can also email us at