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Ascension X: War of Shadows Now Available

It would seem that the wars on New Vigil are even throwing the regular cycle of night and day out of order. A shadowy evil is looking to plunge everything into eternal darkness. Heroes from the four factions (Lifebound, Mechanica, Void, and Enlightened) are gathering together to battle against this new foe. That's the story behind the latest Ascension expansion, War of Shadows, which is now available.

If you'd like a bit more information about the set, feel free to check out my review. You can find it here. But for the shorthand version, War of Shadows adds in day and night cards to the mix. When there's a majority of one type on the board, the game is considered to be in that time. Various cards can gain bonuses depending on whether it's day or not. Also new in the set are dual-cost cards. They're cards that, to purchase, require both Power and Runes. So specializing in just one with no regard for the other can mean you'll possibly lose out on a great hero or construct.

Note: I know through the link the website still says pre-order, but the game is shipping now.