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Attica Games adds Shoulders and Miranda Polyphemus to its Plastic Population range

Attica Games has two new releases to add to their minis line: Shoulders and Miranda Polyphemus.

From the announcement:

“Shoulders”, the Plastic Population Guard, has a dark heart, which the occasional flares and flashes from his pain prod (provided with figure) do nothing to lighten.

Miranda Polyphemus, the apple of the old Prof’s eye, is a razor-sharp chip off the old block. Miranda comes with a Pain Stick (shown).

Shoulders and Miranda are both great buys at £3.50 apiece. Or double up with Plastic Peril, offering both figures for the bargain price of £6.00.

Want to update previously released Plastic Population figures? Then Plastic Spares, three heads ideal for any Plastic Population conversions, are just the ticket at £1.50.

And to end, Attica is celebrating its own Graduation Day with the Graduates Team Discount. Buy all five Graduates for £17 - a significant saving calculated by Sheldrake himself.