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Beaver Dam Creek - FREE American Civil Boardgame

Wargame Shop is having a sale on their ACW boardgame Beaver Dam Creek. Why not check it out? It's free!

From the release:

The Battle of Beaver Dam Creek from Wargame Shop

FREE PDF Download, just click, print, cut and play.

Beaver Dam Creek is the 13th PDF American Civil War in 3D Board Game that is now available for download. The series follows all the major battles and Beaver Dam Creek is the third in 1862 Peninsula Series that will also see Gaines’s Mill, Savage’s Station, Glendale and Malvern Hill.

The Confederates are attempting an attack against the Union forces commanded General George B. McClellan. The plan is to attack the Union V Corp on the northern side of the Chickahominy River and completely defeat it. Historical the battle started poorly but due to the Confederate outnumbering the Union, a coordinated attack took place in the afternoon under General Lee’s orders. At dusk the Union retreated back along the river line but due to the lateness of the day the Union Corp was not overwhelmed and destroyed, can you do better?

The game is available from go to the boardgames tab. It FREE and is downloaded from our American distributor. We also have two other FREE downloads, Hoke’s Run, the prelude to the battle of First Manassas (Bull Run) and Front Royal. Both can be downloaded in PDF format or as a Cyberboard so that you can play it on your computer, just use the FREE Bothers in Arms rules with it.

Beaver Dam Creek takes about 2-3 hours of continuous play to fight its 8 bounds of day action and 6 bounds of optional night action. Everything you require to play the game is included within the download, we have even thought of tile dice just in case.