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Big April Sale at Spartan Games on Books and Dystpian Legions

Spartan Games has several really great deals going on over in their webshop. For starters, all of their rulebooks are at least half-off. Sure, you can download them for free from their website, but some people like to actually have a book in their hand (I'm included in this count), and Spartan's making it a lot cheaper for you to do so. The other deal is for Dystopian Legions army bundles. If you're looking to get either Prussians or English, now's the time. You get several box sets, the rulebook, tokens, and templates, plus free shipping for one, low price.
These deals last throughout the month of April.

From the announcement:

Spartan Games is hugely excited by the release of the brand new boxed sets for Dystopian Legions, our 32mm scale tabletop miniatures game set in the stunning Dystopian world of Victorian Super Science Fiction.

And to help you celebrate with us we've created a fantastic deal that means there has never been a better time to grab an army and enter the fast and tactical world of Dystopian Legions.

Until the end of April you can choose one of our £110 Dystopian Legions Army Deals - Prussian Empire or Kingdom of Britannia - consisting of 1 box of officers and infantry, 2 boxes of line infantry with sergeant, and 1 infantry expansion box.

And to this horde of 45 miniatures we will throw in for FREE a bundle of other goodies worth more than £80, consisting of a stunningly detailed, multi-part resin Ironclad, a full colour Rulebook, tokens, templates, and battlefield objectives. Plus FREE P&P anywhere in the world.

At least HALF PRICE on all books in April

So you've read the FREE digital rulebooks on our website, but now want them on your bookshelf.

Whether it's a core rulebook, fleet guide or campaign expansion, all books in the Spartan Games range are at least HALF PRICE throughout April in the Spartan Games Online Store.

It's the perfect time to dive into our games or introduce a friend.