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Board Game Geek is having a Sedition Wars giveaway

Board Game Geek has teamed up with Studio McVey to give away copies of their upcoming Sedition Wars board game.

"The Details":

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster, is Studio McVey’s first huge project and is going like gangbusters on Kickstarter! Mike McVey is the mad scientist behind this, with a storied history in the miniatures industry including stints at GW and Privateer Press (Warmachine fame).

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is a fast paced tactical miniatures game for two players. Survival horror at its finest, game play is fast and and bloody - creating urgency and claustrophobic terror, as the Vanguard fight for their lives against an unrelenting Strain.

We’re giving away 12 “Biohazard” level editions of the game that come with tons of extras, for a current total of 80+ plastic miniatures and custom dice! Just answer some easy questions, the answers to which we promise you’ll find on the Sedition Wars website, The BGG listing, and the Kickstarter campaign! Prizes expected to ship in November/December.