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Chibi Fort added to Chibi Asian Adventurers Kickstarter from Impact! Miniatures

Impact! Miniatures has added a Chibi Fort to their Chibi Asian Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. Go and have yourself a looksee.


From the announcement:

As part of Impact! Miniatures' Asian Chibi KickStarter we are offering a Chibi Fort. There are two ways to get the fort, directly from our online store where it will ship in November of this year or as part of a pledge on the KickStarter where it will ship in Spring 2014. On November 3rd, the Fort will be removed from our online store until the KickStarter rewards have finished shipping in spring of 2014

The fort occupies 3x4 or 4x4 squares on a standard chibi game board. It can hold a standard sized figurine on top of each of the 4 towers and one large sized figurine in the middle (or if you add the tower it can hold a 5th normal sized figurine). This allows it to be used as an end goal to defeat or as a heavily defended monster creation / spawn point. The tower can fit with a bit of overspill in 1x1 or comfortably in 2x2 squares and makes a fun defended monster creation point or defended point in your RPG adventurer.

The fort is 72mm x 80mm at the bottom and 82mm x 80mm at the top and is 55mm tall and the tower adds another 33mm in height. The fort with tower comes in 5 pieces. Front / Back and 2 smaller side walls and the tower top. The tower piece is 27mm x 29mm at the bottom and 39mm x 39mm at the top. The fort and tower are cast in resin.

The Fort is on the website for $30 with the Tower being $5. If you are willing to wait until 2014 for shipping the fort and tower are less expensive as part of a pledge for the KickStarter (and as more stretch goals are reached it will get even less expensive).