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CMON Posts Green Horde Overview, Announces Kickstarter Launch Date

Be that as it's May, we've got all sorts of plants blooming. The world is becoming green. Though the green that's just over the horizon isn't quite what we want to have in our garden. Green Horde is the new standalone set coming for Zombicide: Black Plague. It'll be launching at the end of May on Kickstarter and CMON's posted an overview of what you can expect.

From the post:

They were a brave people, living on the edge of the?Orcish?lands?on the Western frontier.?It was a rough country, where nature grows wild, and the weather can change at a moment’s notice.?They?fought?with the brutish?Orcs?many times, withstanding raids on their villages and fields. Never once, in all those battles, did they consider leaving for safer regions of the world. This was their land, their ancestor’s land. Generations had grown up in its green forests and fields, taking what the earth gave them, and defending what was theirs. But the Orcs were relentless, becoming bolder and bolder as?time went on.??

When the plague?hit, it wasn’t long before the Orcs became infected. All it took was one bite, and the sickness spread through their ranks like wildfire.?What the plague robbed?the Orcs?of?in intelligence, agency, and personality, it replaced with a single-minded?goal: destroy the living and feast on their flesh. The Orcs band together now, a pack, a horde. They travel the countryside, attacking the towns they come across, but now stealing some crops or a cow or two doesn’t suffice. They’re not satisfied until the people of the village are dead…?or perhaps worse, undead.?