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CMON Posts HATE Development Article

Early next year, CMON will launch its Kickstarter campaign for HATE, its newest game. Based on the graphic novel, the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where society has collapsed (Gee, thanks Todd!) and civilization has been reduced to a few people, living in tribes, fighting over the meager resources. But what was it like developing the game? We get a small bit of insight into that with this preview.

From the post:

Inside us all is the potential for hate. It may be hidden deep down under layers of love, caring, and understanding, but it lies dormant within, waiting for the spark to be lit. HATE is the new game coming to Kickstarter on January 16 from CMON and Guillotine Games. It is inspired by the popular graphic novel series, The Chronicles of HATE by Adrian Smith.

The Chronicles of HATE tells the story of a world that has fallen long ago, and the vicious, brutal people that managed to survive and thrive in a land without laws or societies to judge them for their actions. Translating that story to the tabletop fell to the creative team behind Zombicide, along with support from Eric M. Lang and Alex Olteanu.