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CMON Posts New Zombicide Releases

With the Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter campaign winding down (or winding up, depending on how you look at it, with all the unlocks expected in the next couple days), you might have forgotten about the original Zombicide game. Maybe the Medieval form isn't quite for you. Maybe you prefer the present-day zombie-hacking. That's perfectly fine. To help out with that, CMON has a new set of releases for the classic version of the game up on their website.

To start off, not every survivor is going to stay that way when playing Zombicide. But more than just the mindless hordes, these Zombivors are a bit more powerful and have a few more options open to them. You can pick up the Lost Zombivors box to get some more of these shambling used-to-be-heroes for your game. Up next is the Team Building Deck. It contains mini-cards of the survivors for the first three seasons of the game, plus game night kits and special guest boxes. These are grant for varying up who is playing what survivor. Speaking of the Special Guest boxes, you can now get the Edouard Guiton box and add that to your pool of survivors. But what about more boards to play on? If you want, there's a set of 3 extra tiles from Angry Neighbors with which to expanding your games footprint. And finally, yellow dice, because you can never have enough dice.