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Conan The Pirate Available From Modiphius

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! It's a pirate's life for me!
Hey, I downloaded from Napster back in the day. That counts, right?
Ok, so maybe I'm not much of a pirate, but Conan is, and so can you when you play the Conan RPG from Modiphius. They've released the Conan the Pirate supplement in pdf format.

From the announcement:

Today we're really pleased to announce the release of the first PDF in the second wave of Conan RPG source books, Conan The Pirate, which allows you to embark on a buccaneering career on the high seas of the Hyborian Age.

The Hyborian world is home to many dangerous people, and none are more savage, ruthless, or dastardly than its pirates, the scourge of the high seas. A menace to civilization itself, these seagoing bandits have their own ways, customs, and traditions, and Conan the Pirate explores pirates and the pirate world.

Detailed within these pages are the countries up and down the coast of the Western Sea — proud Zingara, wealthy Argos, the western reaches of Shem and Stygia, all the way down to fearsome Kush and the Black Kingdoms — as the setting for pirate-based campaigns.

With this volume, CONAN characters can embark on campaigns of piracy, plunder, and high adventure! So, unsheathe your cutlass and ready yourself for a boarding action, to seize plunder and glory for your captain and fellow buccaneers!