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CoolMiniOrNot Announces Launch Date for Rum & Bones: Second Tide Kickstarter

Yarr Arr Yarr! I loddie the hotpants!
Me be thinkin' about it, my less-than-rested brain be servin' me well for talkin' like a pirate, matie. Avast meharties! Thar be a Second Tide off the port bow! She's comin' in fast! Hoist the misenmast! Batten down the hatches! Buckle all swashes! And get ready to set sail with Rum & Bones: Second Tide on Kickstarter on April 11th.

This new set be bringin' in an ocean of new booty. Thar be new crews flying under new flags. Thar be fine sailing vessels, the likes of which ye have never seen before. Of course, all ye current pirates be able to mingle with your new bretherin. Have no fear of that!*

Yo, ho, ho! And a bottle of Mt. Dew! (rum doesn't have caffeine)


*Translated from pirate:
The campaign will be bringing a new core box game that comes with two all new pirate crews. There will be new factions, new boat boards, new miniatures, and everything you've come to expect from a CMON Kickstarter. All of the current Rum & Bones crews will be compatible with the new stuff, too.