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CoolMiniOrNot Expo events spotlight: Dark Age

CoolMiniOrNot Expo is going to have a lot of great events. Today we're focusing on two for Dark Age, the March to Immortality Qualifier and the massive Siege Event: Battle of Salvation!

First up is the March To Immortality event:

Spanning two days (Saturday and Sunday), contestants in the MTI will vie for a ticket to the main Dark Age event at GenCon. Win at CMON Expo and you could get yourself made into a model in the Dark Age universe!

Participation is free (though you've got to have signed up for the convention, itself).
Also! Nobody walks away empty-handed. Everyone who plays gets their choice of a Limited Edition Dark Age figure!

Get your choice of St. John, St. Johann, St. Mark, Soul Warden, Sister of Compassion or the new Kukulkani Honored Dead (so new, we don't even have a photo of it yet!)

Oh... and the winner gets Lucky.

The other event will be the Battle of Salvation Siege Event.
Come be part of the biggest game of Dark Age ever. You don't even need to bring your models if you don't want to! Just come and play!

Will you be at the CMON Expo? I will be.