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Crooked Dice release Chronal Commandos

Crooked Dice has released their new Chronal Commandos just in time for the holidays. Though if they were real Chronal Commandos, they'd be able to be released any time they wanted. But the minis are pretty cool on their own, too. The set of minis includes Crooked Dice's 200th model, which is a pretty cool thing to celebrate. Go check them out.


From the release:

We have some new releases in store in time for Christmas. This month we have five Chronal Commandoes from the Ministry of Time – they have branches everywhen. These five retro sci-fi troops are locked in an eternal struggle that rages across time. But body armour and advanced weapons still may not save them from extermination! This set contains our 200th piece – how time flies. Beautifully sculpted by Ernst Veingart and in store now for £3.25 each or £15 for all five.