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Dance of the Fireflies Card Game Available From Ninja Division

I do love a well-tended garden. Honestly, I love going to the Botanical Gardens, hedge mazes, and well laid-out floral arrangement. So games that simulate such certainly have my attention. In Dance of the Fireflies, players are trying to create a beautiful arrangement of flowers by bidding their fireflies on different plant cards. In the end, the player who creates the best garden will win the role of horticulturist for the entire kingdom. You can pick up your copy now.

From the post:

Dance of the Fireflies is a new 2-6 player card game by Oliver Brooks. Tomkins, his Lordship's longest serving and most trusted horticulturalist is retiring and the prized position of Head Gardener is up for grabs. Join his team of green-fingered underlings as you compete to create the most beautiful flower beds in the garden. The more flowers you plan, the more Fireflies will visit your patch and that's a sure way to please her Ladyship and see your career blossom.