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Dark Age March To Immortality Event Report

Last weekend at TempleCon 2015, Dark Age held their first March To Immortality tourney of the year. March To Immortality is the championship series qualifiers for the finals at Gen Con. The event at TempleCon is one of the largest MTIs, with 31 players. Here's a short recap of what the event was like:

Here's a video our Enrico Nardini did while at the show:

So, for those that may not know, a bit about the Immortals series of tourneys. Have you ever wanted to be a part of a game you love? I don't just mean play the game, or even talk about it with friends, perhaps recruiting new people into the fold, and more than get involved in the forums or stuff like that, but really be part of the game? That's what the Immortals tourneys are for. At Gen Con, the winner of the Immortals tournament works with the design team in order to create a miniature of their own creation in the Dark Age world. The March To Immortality events build up to those finals. Winners of an MTI get tickets to go to Gen Con in order to compete in the finals.


As you can see from the flier, the minimum to make it an official MTI was 18. It was no problem reaching that number, as the field ended up having 31 players. The event organizers actually expanded the playing space in order to accommodate that many gamers, taking over some adjacent tables and setting them up for matches.

So what was the army total breakdown?
Glad you asked:
Prevailers: 2
Saint Mary: 1
Saint Mark: 2
Saint Johann: 1
Generic Outcasts: 2
Slavers: 2
Salt Nomads: 1
Dragyri Ice Caste: 3
Dragyri Air Caste: 1
Dragyri Fire Caste: 3
Core: 3
Kukulkani: 4
Generic Skarrd: 1
Skarrd Toxic Cult: 1
Skarrd Blood Cult: 1
Brood: 3

As you can see, a very diverse group, with no one faction (or sub-faction) totally dominating the event.
This goes to show the feeling that Dark Age is very balanced across factions.

As for how the models were doing down on the board:

Rounds were played. Models were defeated. Great victories won.
After a couple rounds, the final 4 were culled from the rest.
Their faction breakdown:
-Saint Mary Forsaken
-Forsaken Prevailers
-Ice Caste Dragyri
-Ice Caste Dragyri

Seems as though the blizzard outside was somehow helping the Ice Caste at the gaming tables. And whether divine providence or not, the Forsaken were among the top 4 as well.

Final 4

More dice were cast, models were moved, objectives were taken, and general mayhem occurred, but in the end, two were left standing.

The final round would see David Moffit vs Eric Miller.
The army lists:
Saint Mary (130)
Flense x3 (180)
Judah (90)
Cesspool (70)

Luck'Kit'Kai (180)
Spirit Lord (135)
Death's Device (100)
Soul Searcher (60)

Final Round Match

It should be here-noted that Eric Miller was playing in his first ever Dark Age tournament. In fact, this event includes all of the Dark Age games that Eric had ever played! If there's any sign that a game is accessible for new players, I think that says it.

So the dust settles and in the end, David Moffit with St. Mary stands victorious.


But, in a stunning turn of events, David gives up his free ticket to Gen Con to Eric.
Was he coerced?

Consequences of Winning

Or was it just out of the kindness of his heart to a new player?
Or was it just that he had transportation to Gen Con already?

The world may never know.

Our thanks to everyone who came to the event. We'll see you at the next MTI and, of course, at the Finals at Gen Con in August!