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Dark Age & Wrath of Kings Panel From CMON Expo 2017

As we should all know, A Song of Ice and Fire is not CMON's first foray into a miniatures game. They're long-standing game, Dark Age, as well as Wrath of Kings, are both still being developed. They've had a couple panels for these two games, hosted by Bryan Steele, Dave Taylor, and David Doust. There's quite a lot going on for you to check out.

Starting out, the presentation shows that the games are growing. Gamers in Europe haven't had a chance to play, due to a lack of distributor. That has been fixed. The games can now be gotten through Diacash. There's also a Russian distributor lined up. So folks with great accents and a love for vodka can soon get in on the action.

From there, we go into Wrath of Kings. This past year saw the release of Rising Conflicts, as well as organized play kits. The game boxes have been tailored to be "release ready" and they have teamed up with Warsenal to create tokens and templates. Things in the works are more organized play opportunities, including slow-grow leagues, as well as customized terrain from places like 4Ground. There are talks with The Army Painter about having specialized paint sets just for the game's factions.
And then we got to see some cool models:

And then we move on to Dark Age.

For this, over the past year, the game has seen a lot of increased exposure, which has resulted in steady growth for the game (for example, much higher attendance at events at places like Adepticon). They are also proud of the regular, monthly releases for new miniatures (and I know a lot of gamers are happy about that, too). They have also created the new Organized Play programs and the Bloodgelt (which will get you into Immortals here at the Expo). The game also saw the release of its first 2-player starter set (and we know my thoughts on how cool those are), as well as new packaging for existing product to increase awareness of it.

As for where it's headed, there's going to be continued work on reboxing existing product, as well as resculpts of some of the older miniatures to help them fit in with some of the new design aesthetics (plus, everyone loves cool, new resculpts). There's also going to be a continuation of the Dark Age Chronicles releases, with the next one scheduled for September. Expect continued releases via "web burst" format, as well as more organized play kits. Brood players can look forward to a Beta-Test version of their new update this July. Meanwhile, Skarrd will see a new book release at Gen Con.

And then, like before, cool models: