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Details Emerge on Dropfleet from Hawk Wargames

Hawk Wargames has posted up their Newsletter #40, which gives us a look inside the workings of their upcoming fleet miniatures game, Dropfleet (working title). They teased this game a bit at Salute, but now there's some concrete details. Much as in Dropzone Commander, Dropfleet will focus on maneuver and getting your troops where they need to be. Instead of taking place in deep space like other fleet games, Dropfleet will take place in close orbit around a planet (think of the battle over Coruscant in that one Star Wars movie that may or may not exist, depending on your opinions of such things). The rules have been designed by Andy Chambers, and will include frameworks for melding both Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander into one game. Check out previews of some of the UCM ships below the cut.
They also have some previews of upcoming Dropzone Commander releases.

From the newsletter:

We've revealed some major details about our upcoming spaceship game set in the Dropzone Commander universe!

-Dropfleet will be an Orbital Combat game in which the vast majority of your games will take place in orbit above a planet's surface. The game has been designed for this from the ground up by Andy Chambers and is an entirely new and unique ruleset.

-A typical gaming table is 4'x4' and will show the surface of a planet rather than the more typical 'starfield' style space combat table. The area covered will be around the size of a large European country/US State.

-Delivering your troops to targets on the surface will be crucial for victory and most missions will be tactical and objective focused. Space stations, static defenses, ground troops, cities and other scenery play an integral part in the game.

-Three altitude layers (High Orbit, Low Orbit and Atmosphere) are present in games and have various effects. Only certain ships (such as Strike Carriers) can go atmospheric and each layer has advantages and disadvantages in different tactical situations.

-Weapons range is neither absolute nor fixed. It can change based on the power of your ship's scanners, the enemy ship's signature and the enemy's actions (firing several weapons greatly increases a ships signature for example). Stealth is frequently crucial!

-A framework for linking games of Dropfleet and Dropzone will be present in the rulebook, opening up many exciting possibilities for campaigns and narrative settings.