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DGS Games Posts New Freeblades Releases

DSG Games has a couple new releases available for Freeblades, their fantasy miniatures skirmish game. It includes a couple bard miniatures. I've always loved playing bards in games. I might pick up this set to use as PCs, even away from games of Freeblades.

From the announcement:

Check out the newest models for Freeblades, DGS Games’ 32mm fantasy skirmish game.
The Freeblades June release is the Faeler Swordsman. He is a follower who can serve in the Falkaaran, Haradelan and both Bandit factions. His rules are in the Freeblades Rules Companion, so you can check him out and see where he fits in your plans and how many you need. Note that he comes with three shields: Falkaaran, Haradelan and Thormenalan. Now, while he will be available in the Thormenalan faction as well, we do not make that faction yet. But that does give you a shield with which to differentiate your Bandit swordsmen. And however you make each one, you get two more shields as bits for conversions and bases.
The Freeblades August release is the Bard of the Arlian. This model comes with the pieces to be constructed in one of two versions: The Bard of the Arlian, a faction model for either Bandit Faction, Black Rose or Black Thorn or the Wandering Bard, an ally hero for all other factions except Traazorites. The Bard brings the Perform skill into the game system.