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DGS Games Releases Freeblades Rules Companion

When games have multiple releases, with new books and models coming out, every so often you can find yourself at a loss for trying to find where a specific rule for a specific model is. Plus, you might end up having to bring a whole bunch of books along, just to be able to check a couple sentences here and there. Well, DGS Games is making it so Freeblades players don't have to worry about that so much. Their new Rules Companion is now available.

Rules companion

This new book contains all the compiled Errata and Clarifications for the main rulebook, plus all new rules that have been added to the game up to this point. There's also a master list of talents and skills, including talent advancement tables. Plus, there's stats on various weapons, items, and spells that have been added. Finally, and probably one of the most useful parts, is a cross rulebook Index.