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DGS Games Releases The Trilian Bladerider For Freeblades

In Freeblades, there's more than one way to outfit your characters. Depending on how you want to create your warband, you might want certain weapon loadouts on certain characters. Thankfully, the folks at DGS take this into consideration when they have a new release. For example, the new Trilian Bladerider's now available, and there's multiple ways you can outfit this swift addition to your team.

From the release:

DGS Games has released their first model for 2018! The Trilian Bladerider comes galloping into your games of Freeblades. This mounted model has tons of options and can be built with either a blade or a bow. In a game of Freeblades, she can be either your leader or a hero for your Freeband.

Patrolling the Reach for invaders and foul creatures, the Trilian Bladerider serves as the first line of defense for the realm. This figure has options to build a version with a longbow or a toloron (two-handed sword) and can be taken in a Trilian Freeband as either a hero or a leader.