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Dhovaine RPG Up On Kickstarter

At a quick glance, the world of Dhovaine might look a lot like our "average world" we live in now. However, start looking deeper and you'll start to see the differences. Technology is just a bit ahead of where we're at now. What's more, there's strange, unknown technology scattered around the globe. Technology from a previous time that we've yet to fully figure out. Try as we might, some of it just doesn't seem to work the way we think it should. Oh, and the massive, black orb in the sky. There's that, too.
The Dhovaine RPG book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the Kickstarter:

Dhovaine is set in a possible alternate timeline to Earth. Much like Earth, civilizations have risen and fallen. Each, of them, having their own cultures, technology, faiths and traditions. Today, the people of Dhovaine possess an advanced level of technology similar to Earth's, if not a little further advanced. Even though mortals of Dhovaine live at this higher level of technology, there is still a great deal that they do not understand about the world. Technology exists from historically significant and technologically advanced cultures that modern people simply do not understand. Some of this mysterious technology is still in use today. Some of that forgone technology has been studied in order to assist in some of the most recent technological advances in weaponry, transportation and communication. Still other bits of this technology is unusable and completely foreign to the people of Dhovaine. Twisted, seemingly maleficent constructs sit completely unused in warehouses as well as old ruins, waiting to unleash heir power. This setting, called Dhovaine, is ready to provide players with all manner of story and challenge to those who would brave it.

The game system of Dhovaine is intended to be fast-paced and story driven, while still being involved and complex. It is intended to assist in driving the story that the group would like to create, and to help devise and design the imaginative places and events that the Fatemaster needs to describem as well as the actions and stories of the player characters as they join the Hunters and defend mortal civilizations against the legendary and dangerous monsters that inhabit the world. Everything about the system is devised with those things in mind.

The Kickstarter campaign's a bit more than half-funded with still 19 days left to go.