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DreadBall Season 5 Available to Pre-Order from Mantic Games

Are you ready for some DreadBall!?
While the stereotype has it that gamers don't even know the most basic fundamentals of sports, the truth is that many of us are sports fans (my personal preferences being hockey and college football). And a lot of us want to play game that are meant to simulate a sporting event on the tabletop. DreadBall from Mantic scratches that itch for a lot of gamers and the 5th season is now available to pre-order from Mantic's website.

The regulations are getting a bit lax, allowing players and coaches to take advantage of new ways to augment their team. Custom-made robotics and experimental limb grafts, modified organics and new alien races. With these changes, it's almost anything goes out there on the pitch. Exhibition games allow for even more flexibility, basically abolishing any pre-set requirements for your team. You can play who you want, when you want. There's several new teams you can play as well, along with several new free agents you can draft for your team.

Mantic's also got a special deal going on over in their webshop. They've bundled all the Season 5 products together (teams, free agents, and book) at a special price (you basically get the book for free).