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Eclipse Sisterhood For Freeblades Up On Kickstarter

The folks over at DGS Games are looking to expand their Freeblades range with a new set of figures, the Eclipse Sisterhood. The dangerous ladies are fighting for equality in the Traazorite Empire, where women cannot hold office, run a business, or serve in the military. Well, they're going to show that one doesn't need to be part of the official army in order to fight.

From the campaign:

Welcome to DGS Games' Kickstarter Project featuring the ECLIPSE SISTERHOOD from the Freeblades fantasy skirmish miniatures game.

This project’s main objective is to fund the creation and production of the new Eclipse faction models for use in our tabletop skirmish game, Freeblades. These models will expand your play experience in both existing and soon to be released scenarios. Your backing will take this new faction from concept art, to masterful sculptures and then into production to be delivered to customers like you.

The members of the Eclipse Sisterhood are in rebellion against the patriarchal Traazorite Empire. Women cannot hold political office, run a business or serve in the military. The time has come for that to change! Across the Empire a clandestine rebellion has formed of women who oppose the Empire of the Sun's treatment of them. Naturally, they have taken the Eclipse as their symbol and inspiration!

The Kickstarter campaign's just over half-funded with still 29 days left to go.