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Equip Yourself like a Real Ninja

GCT Studio made it through another stretch goal in their Rise of the Kage game, adding a new game board to the mix. They've also added in ninja special cards as an add-on and posted up a new stretch goal. Still a little more than a week left to get in on the action.


From the campaign:

Wow, firstly thank you for all the support for the campaign. Yet again the gamers of the world have enabled us to bring yet another faction to the battlefields of Jwar isles. So last time I spoke about the faction in general terms but this time I’d like to talk about some of the challenges I faced and how I feel we have overcome those challenges to create an interesting and unique feel to the Shadow Wind Clan.

Firstly people were curious as to if the Shadow Wind Clan would be a regular faction in terms of model numbers. We felt that to keep with the super elite killer feel it wouldn’t be right to have them as a high model count faction. So players will usually play with around three ninja’s dependant on the Rice level of the game. This of course led us to our first challenge, how do we manage the game so that the Kage Kaze Zoku player isn’t forced to activate first due to significant out numbering they will often face. So the Shadow Clan have a number of Special cards to manage this and actually create a game effect that reflects the ninja’s incredible stealth. Another question that has been asked it how will the Shadow Wind player achieve scenario objectives with so few models, well the answer is simple. The training the ninja at the Nest receive is guided with one purpose, devised to achieve one goal. To turn the recruits into Tireless servants of the Grand master and the shadows. There will be challenges for the Shadow Wind players but we hope with these (and more) unique, interesting and clever mechanics they will simple add to the feel of the faction.