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Era: The Consortium - A Universe of Expansions 2 Up On Kickstarter

When the folks at Shades of Vengeance want to expand the Era: The Consortium universe, they don't just give you one or two expansion books. They look to blow the doors wide open with as many expansion books as they can possibly manage. To do that, they're running their 2nd A Universe of Expansions Kickstarter campaign. You all know my feelings on having more options for your games, well, this is that in spades.

From the campaign:

A year ago, we launched a Kickstarter and funded 8 expansions.

Today, we're back! We've got loads more Expansion ideas, the same amazing team of veterans and a desire to expand this universe even further than before!

Join us!

The campaign's up and running now. They're roughly 2/3 of the way to their goal with still 37 days left to go.