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Exploding Kittens Campaign Goes Boom

Well, it's all over, folks. The Exploding Kittens Kickstarter campaign has come to an end. The final total was a whopping $8,768,845 with 219,382 backers, making this the most backed project in Kickstarter history.

The crew held an AMA on Reddit leading up to the campaign conclusion. We picked out some of the more interesting questions/answers after the break.


bmxdk Q: What do you guys believe the reason is behind the GIANT success? The fact that it's an awesome game or that Oatmeal is a part of the team?

Elan Lee A: Honestly, this is a giant success because of you guys. The fans and the community made this thing real, and then made it amazing.

dippoakabob Q: Where do you plan to sell the game after it's Kickstarter début is complete?

Elan Lee A: We don’t have a retail plan yet. We made a promise to more than 200 thousand people to ship them this game. That’s our highest priority right now.

manateebee Q: Is it hard to be as amazing as you guys are?
Also, Matthew, how perfect is your Tesla?

Elan Lee A: it's a struggle....every. damned. day.

parion Q: So I understand the origin of the concept of the game, where a player has to draw a “joker” card to lose. But… why kittens?

Shane Small A: Cause we love dogs.

judestiel Q: Kickstarter backer here. What amount of money did you expect to get for Exploding Kittens before launch? For Matt, mantis shrimp, japanese giant hornets, or the red velvet mite? Congrats on the success, you still have 90 minutes to go before the campaign ends, are certainly the third most funded campaign ever by the time you read this, and at the current rate you might break 9 million!

Elan Lee A: Before we started the campaign, I called a number of fulfillment houses and asked for quotes to package and ship a card game based on our estimates. Two weeks ago I got a return call from one of those houses, “Hi Elan! Just wanted to follow up on your inquiry and see if you were still interested in that order for 500 decks of cards?” I had flashes to that scene in JAWS where Roy Scheider sees the immense great white for the first time and says in a stupor “you’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

jruhlman09 Q: Can I get a prize if I am successfully the last person to back the game before the Kickstarter is over?

Elan Lee A: Yes, but it's one of those special prizes that you have to believe really hard in, for it to exist. If you find it doesn't exist, you just didn't believe hard enough.

bengalese Q: How many cats were harmed in the making of "Exploding Kittens"?

Shane Small A: Let's just put it this way... Fievel Mousekewitz is right. There are now no cats in America.

IvanaDrago Q: I love that you're here! What, ultimately, lit the fire under your asses to make this awesome game? Thank you for all of the laughs!

Elan Lee A: Personally speaking, I lost my job and had to find SOMETHING to do...

raptorkitten Q: Shane - can you teach me how to pop? I can only lock.

Shane Small A: First off... buy a box of Pringles. Once you pop, you just can't stop it.
Second... buy another box of Pringles. Cause like I said, you just can't stop.