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F-Life Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter

You ever suddenly realize, "whoah... I'm an adult." That'll happen to me from time to time. Like, I'll come home from work, make dinner, pay some bills, do the dishes, and go, "... I'm adulting the hell out of the day." Life's full of strange twists and turns and it's different for everyone. So why not take all those different things that can happen to you and turn them into a dark-humor party card game? Seems legit to me. In the end, you'd end up with F-Life, which is up on Kickstarter now.

About the game:

Let’s face it. Adulthood can suck. From mortgage payments to parental responsibilities, being an adult can be a lot to handle. There are days that are incredibly stressful and situations that seem impossible to overcome. In spite of how many of these downs there are, there are also a lot of ups. The smiles of one’s own children, the feeling of independence, and the joy of receiving a paycheck are among some of these little perks in adult life. Upon realizing this dynamic of adulthood, a game creator named Ben Palladino had an epiphany in which he realized what an amazing dark humor strategy-based card game adulthood would make. He took all the best, and worst, aspects of adult life, added a bit more structure, action, and comedy, and created F-Life: A Card Game About Adulthood.

The game itself is turn-based and revolves around eleven decks. These decks include the Relationship Deck, the Job Deck, the Backstory Deck and more. Throughout the game, players will draw cards from various decks, shaping their own characters and life paths through their draws. There are also a variety of situational cards that can be used to protect one’s self or screw over opponents. After all of this, the game eventually ends when all players die. The player with the most money at death is declared the winner and is bestowed with absolutely massive bragging right as the person who is the best at being an adult.

As for the gameplay, the game begins with each player being dealt a backstory card that gives a few stat changes. For example, a hick loses a bit of intelligence while a sex addict gains a few children. As the game progresses, players gain various levels of education, age accordingly, and select a job to match their education. From there an event or "What's Next" card is drawn, progressing the game through a variety of unexpected and often hilarious causes. Additionally, a variety of other intricacies are incorporated throughout the game to make each play through unique. Eventually, the player’s die, money is counted, and a winner is determined.

Sadly, producing a game with this much detail is an arduous task. To remedy this issue, Ben Palladino has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where supporters can preorder the game to receive exclusive perks. With this support, Ben hopes to liven up get-togethers everywhere with an original card game designed for adults that enjoy dark humor.