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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Doom: The Board Game

Man, I remember when the Doom video game came out. I didn't have it, but my neighbor did. So I'd go over there and we'd play for hours, running up and down those pixelated corridors (that still looked exceedingly awesome at the time) and blasting cyberdemons with our gatling guns and shotguns and BFGs. Soon, all of that will be able to be played on your tabletops (though much less pixelated than that original game), as Fantasy Flight Games has announced Doom: The Board Game.

In the game, take on the role of either the United Aerospace Corporation's marines or the masses of Hell's demons. Walk the cramped corridors of Mars trying to either save the planet or enslave it. The game is heavily scenario-driven, with two campaigns of six missions each. All of them have unique objectives for both the Marines and the Demons, and they all have particular maps that they'll use. Demons spawn from special portals, their frequency depending on the level of the mission, from Infestation to Horde to Assault. Meanwhile, the Marines can respawn as well, but only a certain number of times.

Expect to see Doom: The Board Game on store shelves in the 4th quarter of this year.