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Fantasy Flight Games Announces The Bespin Gambit Expansion For Imperial Assault

The gas giant planet of Bespin is a major source of tabana gas. This gas is used in blasters, so you can see how it would be vital for any military to have a good and steady supply of it. As such, the galactic civil war certainly hasn't left the planet alone, as both Rebels and Imperials look to get their supplies filled. It's also where Fantasy Flight Games is placing their next Imperial Assault expansion.

And if you're on Bespin, you've gotta talk about Cloud City. The floating metropolis is basically what we think of when we think of the planet. This is where you'll go, bringing characters such as Bossk and Lando Calrissian along with you (no word on whether ice-cream makers will make an appearance). The new tiles for the game show off locations around the city. Of course, all this new stuff needs a campaign to go along with it, and that's provided as well.

Expect more previews to come before the game hits store shelves in a couple months.