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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Boba Fett Expansion for Imperial Assault

Boba Fett, the biggest badass of the original Star Wars trilogy (who never really did much of anything, but hey, screen presence), is coming to Imperial Assault. There, he'll have the potential to do a lot more than he did on-screen (if the dice say so, anyway. It's always up to the dice...). Fantasy Flight Games is giving us a look inside the new expansion pack.


Being Boba Fett, there's a lot of options available for players that bring him to battle. He can inflict a new condition, called Weakened, on opponents, that make them much less powerful during their turn. Or, he can go in guns a-blazing and just do bunches of damage to anyone and anything around. The choice really is up to you. Of course, being Fantasy Flight, you get more than just the figure and some upgrade cards, but a new side quest you can play as well.