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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Caught in a Web Expansion for Runebound

I've mentioned before that I'm not really afraid of bugs, but I don't go out of my way to deal with them, either. I'll squish a spider if I need to, but I'd prefer if they just stayed where they're at and left me alone. Well, most people in Terrinoth would also prefer if bugs left them alone. Unfortunately, the sorceress Ariad has brought forth a wave of creepy crawlies and it's up to the heroes of Runebound to deal with them. That's the story behind Caught in a Web, a new expansion for Runebound, of which we get a preview today.


As this is the first Scenario Pack for the game, it's sort of setting a benchmark that other packs will be following. So, what can you expect to get? Well, there's a new scenario to play (seems fitting, being a "Scenario" Pack). That comes with 40 new Adventure and Story cards. Plus, there's a new hero (Jonas the Kind, to be specific). You can use Jonas in any game of Runebound you play. So even if you're not specifically playing Caught in the Web, you've got something to enhance your other game nights.