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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Medium Transports for Armada

Much like the Assault Carriers also coming out in this new wave of ships for Star Wars: Armada, no enemy admiral is going to exclaim in terror the worry of a broadsides attack from a Medium Transport. But that doesn't mean they're not worth bringing to the battle. What they lack in pure, offensive power they make up for with versatility when it comes to buffs and bonuses for the other ships in your fleet.


Depending on what you want to support, you can do various things with your Transports. They're rather effective at working with squadrons, much like the Assault Carriers. This means your little ships can punch well above their weight class. Or you can use characters like Leia Organna and some Repair Crews to keep your ships in top fighting condition. They're rather cheap to add to your force, so you can really get some mileage out of them by loading them up with extras.