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Fantasy Flight Games Previews The Campaign From The Corellian Conflict

When playing games of Star Wars Armada, you might imagine yourself as a leader of the Rebellion or the Empire and the battle is one of but many in the ongoing civil war rocking the galaxy. Well, soon you'll be able to actually make the game be part of a bigger whole. In The Corellian Conflict expansion, you'll get a new campaign system that you can use to create a linked chain of battles for control of one of the most important sectors in the galaxy.


This new campaign will give you plenty to do in-between campaign rounds. How you move your fleet around the sector, which planets you plan to conquer, and how you react to your opponent's movements are as much a part of it as are how well your fighters take out the enemy. Teams will decide during the Strategy Phase which enemy system they want to attack. The other team can then choose to defend or declare their own attack, forcing the first team into defensive mode. If attacks are successful, you'll later be able to destroy enemy bases on those planets you capture, giving you your own strongholds in their place. Bases and outposts can gain you valuable resources later on, along with simply giving you victory points for the end of the campaign. Each one you choose to attack or defend will be very important to your long-term goals.

Pre-orders for this new expansion are available now.