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Fantasy Flight Games Previews The M3-A Interceptor From the C-ROC Cruiser Expansion

Scum & Villainy is getting their first huge ship in the form of the C-ROC Cruiser. But these big ships always come with an extra ship tagging along. So while the focus might be on the big guy, you'd be remiss to skip over the little fella and the different pilots and upgrades it'll be bringing to the battle.

From the preview:

Produced by MandalMotors, the M3-A Interceptor—also known as the "Scyk" fighter—was a lightweight and lightly shielded starfighter that was popular among the Hutts and Car'das smugglers due to its low cost. Although the fighter scarcely featured more amenities than a TIE fighter, its weapon mount could handle nearly anything, so the ship was frequently customized for its role in battle.

In X-Wing™, this customizability has long been represented by the "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor Title, which grants it the ability to wield missiles, torpedoes, or a cannon. But the Scyk's customizability will soon gain another boost with the upcoming release of the C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack.

Even as the expansion takes the Scum faction into Epic, new, uncharted territories with its huge C-ROC Cruiser, it presents a new M3-A Interceptor miniature with an alternate paint scheme—and this is accompanied by an array of upgrades and M3-A Interceptor pilots that allow you to fly the fighter in all-new ways.