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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Wave IV Ships For Star Wars: Armada

The Star Wars universe is full of many unique ships. So there's plenty to choose from when deciding on the next wave to come out for Star Wars: Armada. These two might not be directly talked about in the movies, but anyone who's familiar with the Extended Universe knows about the Imperial Interdictors and the Mon Calamarian Star Cruiser the Liberty. They'll be coming to your tabletops soon. Here's a quick look.

The Interdictors come with huge gravity well projectors. These could literally rip a ship out of hyperspace. They were often used along Hyperspace lanes as the base of traps set for anyone who might come along. In Armada, they will do much the same, slowing down enemy ships, potentially bringing them to a halt, giving the Imperial players a massive boost in maneuverability (in relation).

Meanwhile, the Liberty sports some of the strongest weapons and shields in the Rebel fleet. No longer will you worry about Star Destroyers out-gunning your fleets.

That's just a small taste. We'll get more extensive looks at these sets, I'm sure, as we approach their Q3 release date.