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FG Miniz announce Partnership with GMB Designs for 28mm 1806 Prussian

FG MiniZ is now teamed up with GMB Designs for their 28mm Prussian campaign over on Indiegogo.

From the announcement:

I am glad to announce that Grahame at GMB Designs is going to be our partner for our Indiegogo Campaign.

GMB flags are certainly among the best and most researched flags on the market and it is an honor for us that he accepted to be associated with our campaign.

As Grahame wrote: “By coincidence I have recently been updating the artwork for the SYW / early Napoleonic Prussians to conform to the quality of my newer ranges - I'm very pleased with the greater depth of colour and increased detail.
You will already know that the Prussian flags of this time were very colourful. I've gone to great lengths with my research and I think I've been successful in reproducing the many colours and shades ( the greens alone include, apple green, copper green, olive green, Peacock green, sea green...)”

No doubt that these new flags will be a huge addition to any Prussian Unit.

We have 300 packs of 1806 Prussian GMB flags to offer to level 5 and above from the 03/12/13 at the rate of one pack of your choice per battalion.

To thank our first customers, someone who had already signed for any level before that date will benefit of this offer too.

Grahame has sent us some samples: I will post photos as I get them