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Figure Painter Magazine issue 34 Out Now

Over the weekend, as I'd mentioned, I inventoried and took photos of a lot of old gaming stuff I'm going to be selling. I... am not good at painting. Even when I was doing it a lot, I wasn't really better than "randomly throwing paint around." Too bad I never read Figure Painter Magazine back then. Maybe my figures being painted wouldn't seem as a liability anymore when trying to sell them. No, if I knew all the tips and tricks from inside those pages, the models would probably be worth a lot more. Well, Issue 34 of the magazine is out now. I should read it so I can get better so the new figures I get will look a lot better.

This issue has a lot going on. There's an interview with Diego Esteban where he talks about his painting as well as HeraModels. Of course, that's not the only interview, as there are others with Dave Heathfield, Sebastian Archer, and Peter Overton. There are unboxings of figures from Armoured Syndicate, Figone, Young Miniatures, and several more. Rounding it all off, there's several tutorial articles, including by painters such as Sergey Popovichenko, Sergey Chasnyk, and other people who are not named Sergey.